15,000 Released State Test Questions

We hear from teams that the hardest part about giving state-aligned practice is that there are so few items released by the state. What if you could use state test items from other parts of the country that were mapped to your standards? It would unlock thousands of released state test questions for you to use in your class—and get instant state standards-based data.

Well, we now have a tool just for that! >>>

Navigate to the Edcite Questions Bank to access 180,000+ of editable questions, and more specifically, the 15,000 released state test items from around the country. Be sure to use the “browse by standard” feature to access your state’s standard tree and you can use the “State Released Items” checkbox filter.

Edcite’s internal standards crosswalks allows the question bank to show all relevant content in your state standards, regardless of which state it came from. The system recognizes all exact skill matches for a particular standard and presents the question with your state’s version.

Many teams are using the released items from other states to build standards-aligned formative assessments and using their state’s released tests on Edcite as full-length practice tests.

For teams using our premium school and district platform (Edcite Schools) you can send these items:

  • in our state-aligned test viewer,
  • in a secure, locked-down browser,
  • with text-to-speech and other accommodations,
  • and, as a common assessment across your school or district.

Click here to learn more about how your team could leverage these state test items in your school or district.

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