Edcite Expert Dr. Kristen Taylor

Dr. Kristen Taylor.jpg

Dr. Kristen Taylor is a principal in St. Louis, MO. After earning her master’s degree, she joined Teach For America in the St. Louis region and has been working in elementary and middle schools in St. Louis ever since! Dr. Taylor and her team use our Edcite Schools platform across their campus. She is truly an expert on the platform, and we’re thrilled that she has joined us as an Edcite Expert! Continue reading to learn more about how Dr. Taylor uses Edcite.

How long have you been using Edcite?

4 years

Why do you use Edcite?

This platform allows my students to practice answering curriculum and standard-aligned tech-enhanced questions all year long so they can achieve at their best level in the spring for the state test! We can create our own questions to ensure that we are assessing exactly what we need to know. Edcite also saves my teachers and academic leadership time with data analysis with AMAZING reporting features!

What is your favorite Edcite question type?

Grouping Drag and Drop (see example below)


Share a favorite assignment.

5th Grade: Unit 4 (ELA, science, math): https://edcite.com/10sld1

Venn Diagram - Science.gif

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We test all of our K-5 students every three weeks using Edcite Schools distributions across our school.

🍏 Thank you, Dr. Taylor, for your outstanding leadership!

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