Edcite Expert Beth Knecht

Beth KnechtBeth Knecht is an 8th grade language arts teacher at River View Junior High School in Warsaw, Ohio. She values the Edcite platform and the readiness that it provides her students for the state tests at the end of the year. Beth was accepted into our Edcite Experts program this year because she is an expert on her campus. Read on to learn more about how Beth uses Edcite!

How long have you been using Edcite?

I have been using Edcite for about four years.

Why do you use Edcite?

My department and I use Edcite because it mirrors our Ohio State Tests. It has AIR-like features and prepares our students for what the big test day is like at the end of the year. We think it is important to practice the way our students will be assessed, so we use Edcite to mimic the state tests and eliminate how overwhelming the testing format might seem to someone who has never been on the platform before.

What is your favorite Edcite question type?

Select Text from Stimulus (See an example in Beth’s favorite assignment below.)

Share a favorite assignment.

This assessment was used at the end of a class book that we read together. This was a high interest book that really set the tone for reading within the classroom at the beginning of the school year. It was a read aloud book, and only select chapters were used from the book.

💻 Ruthless Test pgs. 127-End: https://edcite.com/1bugv1

Beth Knecht Select Text from Stimulus.gifIs there anything else that you would like to add?

My Language Arts department uses Edcite regularly. All of our summative assessments that would be in a test format are on Edcite. We’ve been using it for about four years and recently have been helping teachers in other departments use it in their classrooms so that all of our students, regardless of subject area, are used to the format and feel comfortable using it.

🍏 Thank you, Beth, for being an outstanding ELA teacher!

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