Black History Month Resources on Edcite

As classrooms celebrate Black History Month throughout the month of February, we wanted to share a collection of assignments created by teachers in our community. Incorporate these resources into your lessons to honor great leaders, writers, artists, athletes, and scientists and to help guide students through discussions about civil rights. These assignments can be used not only during Black History Month but year-round in your classroom.

MLK, Jr.

Freedom Walkers Book Assessment

Civil Rights – Black History Month

Excerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from the Birmingham City Jail

Rosa Parks Biography

Setting Lesson – Multiple Passages & Video – Freedom Riders – I Do, We Do, You Do & Exit Slip

Gymnast Gabby Douglas – Grade 1

Comprehension Check: Justice For All/Few and Many

Dear Ms. Parks

9th Grade Econ: Black History Month

African American Heroes

ELA Assessment 7: African – American History

Graphic Novel Excerpt – Differentiated Lesson

Thurgood Marshall – ELA.W.5.1

Dr. Ronald McNair, Astronaut – ELA.RI.5.6 – Point of View

Harriet Tubman

Brown v. Board – ELA.SL.5.3 – Reasons and Evidence

Brown v Board – ELA.RI.5.4 – Informational Text

An African American Girl Sings – Grade 5

Looking for more assignments that honor Black History? Check out our full collection of assignments curated from our library!

💻 Honoring Black History Month – Featured Collection

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