5 New Improvements to Our Interface (Teachers Tools)

We are so Edcited to release our new interface! Feedback from our community helped us improve the teacher experience across our platform. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting updates.

New Class-Based Homepage

Teachers can now easily keep track of assignments sent to different classes or class periods.

class-based homepage

Updated Assignment Library

We added new ways to search for content in the public Assignment Library. You can now search by standard, number of questions, multimedia options, and auto-graded or teacher-graded options (in addition to grade, subject, and topic).

new assignment library

Improved Assignment Editor

Customizing, assigning, and monitoring assignments is now as easy as 1-2-3! Teachers can click through the steps to make changes to the assignment as needed.

1-2-3 new assignment editor

Updated Question Editors

We updated our question editors to give teachers a more consistent experience when creating content. Setting up technology-enhanced questions like the math keyboard question below has never been easier!

Math Keyboard gif

Edcite Schools Common Assessments Page

Edcite Schools customers now have a centralized spot for common assessments! On the Common Assessments page, teachers can find a list of all assessments scheduled by their school or district and also access their team folders for assigning common assessments to their own students.

common assessments page


📽 Watch our video for a tour of these new features!


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