Our Year in Review: 2015

They say time flies when you’re having fun–you can guess what that means about the last 12 months since they certainly flew quickly! We want to share with you some of the highlights from 2015.

Stand-out Teachers:

Throughout this year, teachers in the Edcite community continued to impress us. From content creators like Abby Baughman (who on her own has shared more than 100 assignments in the Edcite Library) to Edcite Evangelists like Jonathan Muster (who continues to share Edcite with his Twitter community even over the holiday break), teachers have been the highlight of our 2015.

Read about a fraction of the incredible teachers we have in our community and some of the great work they have done in 2015.

  • Shelley Cline, Middle School Teacher from Newcomerstown, Ohio
  • Sharon Julien, Elementary School Teacher from Marlboro, New Jersey
  • Matthew Zimmer, Elementary School Teacher from Bethalto, Illinois
  • Brian Darr, Middle School Teacher from Warsaw, Ohio
  • Amy Wise, Elementary School Teacher from Canton, Ohio

Quality Content:

At the end of the day, and especially at the end of the year, we have to reflect on whether Edcite is having a positive impact on education. When we look at the high-quality content being developed and shared by teachers around the world, we know that Edcite is enhancing learning. You can find our best digital assignments from 2015 across all grade levels here, but here was our most popular assignment this year with more than 20,000 student submissions.

The Black Pearl
Middle School English

black pearl

Amazing Partners:

Collaboration always yields better results, which is why we are very excited to partner with two incredible organizations this year. We partnered with Story Shares to bring passages to Edcite in the release of our Passage Library.

We also continue to work with Camara Ireland on mapping the Common Core State Standards to the Irish Curriculum to improve resource sharing between teachers in the US and Ireland.

We’ll continue to work with these partners in the next year, and add more partners!

Product Enhancements:

2015 was exciting as Edcite saw numerous product enhancements. Each week the Edcite team meets to review what we have heard from our community of teachers–changes to make Edcite better, new question they need, additional features on the platform, etc. And, we prioritize and deliver! And, 2015 brought these enhancements:


This year we saw some excellent commentary about education and education technology. We heard from Cody Shumaker, an elementary school principal in Mississippi, as he spoke up for Mississippi students and their ability to rise to rigorous state standards in his piece “Am I going to get fined for this?” We heard from Meghan Gieg, a middle school teacher in Louisiana, about how to overcome tech challenges in the classroom. And we heard from Nicole Bixler, a middle school teacher in Los Angeles, about the professional value of Twitter.

This year has been one of incredible growth. In 2015, our community grew at double the speed of 2014. Today we have more than 65k teachers, 1 million students, and 11k assignments! We can’t wait to build on the positive momentum and make 2016 even better. Stay tuned for all of the Edcitement to come! 🙂


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