15 Reasons Teachers Are Superheroes

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1. They inspire.


2. They care. And they care deeply.

Veterans Memorial Elementary teacher Lisa Heben receives goodbye hugs from students in her K1 class Thursday as Collier County closed out it's school year and sending students off on summer break until August 23. Heben and her co-teacher Kathy Morrow donned flight suits as part of their classroom program "awesome aviators" which introduces kindergarten students to the school system as co-pilots and sends them off to return as first grade student "pilots."   Michel Fortier/Staff
Big hugs and teary goodbyes — par for the course for a teacher! Photo of elementary school teacher, Lisa Heben, from naplesnews.com.

4. They are ever-patient.

Source: catiewayne.com

5. They can do 15 things at once, and still appear calm.


6. They can say everything, without saying anything at all.

Professor McGonagall has a formidable “teacher stare”. Source: fanpop.com

7. They open up young minds.

shutterstock_2060322258. They are the best role models.


9. They always believe in their students and can see the best in their students, even when the student can’t see it him/herself.


10. They never stop thinking about how they can help their students. They work hard, day in and day out, to meet the needs of each student.


11. They spark a lifelong love of learning.


12. They shape the people that will one day be political leaders, doctors, or teachers.


13. Even though we don’t appreciate them nearly as often or as well as we should, they keep swimming.

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14. They believe in the power of their students and help their students dream big.


14. They are changing the world.


So thank you, teachers for all you do. You make the world a better place each and every day, and for that we are indebted to you. And huge thank you to everyone for shared their thoughts and contributed to this post! 

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