Essay Response Question Type

All teachers are literacy teachers and should be assessing students’ reading and writing skills. With the data, teachers across subjects can then plan for differentiation or next steps to improve student learning. Edcite offers dozens of technology-enhanced question types that help teachers assess literacy.

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our essay question.

Table Checkbox Answer Question Type

Teachers can find items that other teachers have shared into the Edcite Question Bank or create their own technology-enhanced question types. Question types on Edcite are aligned to state assessments across states and allow teachers to assess standards digitally. With 60 question types, teachers of all subjects and grade levels can find question types to assess their students’ learning.

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our table checkbox question.

Math Keypad Question Type

Edcite offers technology-enhanced question types that align with many state tests around the country, including those that use the SBAC, PARCC, and AIR formats. In fact, Edcite offers 60 question types. Teachers and common assessment teams who want to create their own auto-graded items can even filter by state assessment.

One of our most popular question types in math is our math keypad question type.

Label Image Question Type

When teachers can give assessments for learning on Edcite, students and teachers get feedback immediately. Teachers also get an instant report by standard, which helps teachers quickly plan next steps for improving student learning. Plus, Edcite allows teachers to assess with a choice of 60 technology-enhanced question types that engage students. 

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our label image question.

Rearrange Text Question Type

Edcite has technology-enhanced question types that align to state tests across the country. Our 60 digital question types can be used across subjects to assess students’ learning and knowledge of standards. 

One of our most popular question types across subjects is our rearrange text question.

Number Line Question Types

With 60 question types, Edcite has more technology-enhanced question types than any other assessment platform. The majority of our question types are auto-graded, which saves teachers time and gives both students and teachers instant feedback. Teachers can also tag items to state standards, which gives teachers immediate standards-based data.

Two of our most popular math question types are our number line questions.

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