10 Perfect Poetry Picks!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
April is Poetry Month,
And we’ve got great content for you!


Happy Poetry Month! With spring in the air and poetry month in full swing, now is the perfect time to try out one of these Edcite assignments! Check out these ten poetry picks!

1. Assignment Name: Emily Dickinson Poem
Created By: Nicole Bixler
Grade: 8th Grade
More Information: This assignment explores Emily Dickinson’s poem “Because I could not stop for Death.” Nicole has created questions that focus on word choice, meaning, and overall understanding of the poem.

2. Assignment Name: Tag with a Tiger
Created By: Kimberly Bennet
Grade: 2nd Grade
More Information: This assignment focuses on alliteration and rhymes–and sends a very important message to students about playing tricks on their grannies! 😉

3. Assignment Name: Maya Angelou Poem–Listening and Writing
Created By:
Julia Sweeney
High School
More Information: 
This assignment has students listen to Maya Angelou recite her poem “Still I Rise.” Students answer three questions based on their listening. This would be a great assignment to use as is, or customize by adding even more questions. Maybe you could push students to write their own lines about rising!

4. Assignment Name: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Created By:
Nicole Bixler
8th Grade
More Information: 
This assignment takes a look at the Robert Frost’s poem and pushes students to explain with textual evidence the meaning of the poem. With select text, multiple choice, and open response questions, your students will enter the Woods and emerge with the understanding Frost intended.

5. Assignment Name: Grade 3–The Land of Counterpane
Created By:
Katerina Manoff
3rd Grade
More Information: 
This assignment allows students to jump into a little boy’s situation as he is sick in his bed. Playing with his toys, his imagination takes off. Great assignment for encouraging the use of imagination!

6. Assignment Name: The Moon (Lexile 1080), (Lexile 1180)
Created By:
Kimberly Bennet
4th & 5th Grade
More Information: 
This poem is built into two different assignments, one focusing on poetic elements on the 4th grade level and the other focusing on figurative language at the 5th grade level. Great assignment to use whole class with already made differentiation!

7. Assignment Name: Poem Analysis: A Poison Tree by William Blake
Created By:
Keely Gabbert
8th Grade
More Information:
This assignment asks students to explain the rhyme scheme used and the meaning of the poem overall. Students explore this idea of friend vs. foe and how we respond to different people in our lives. Also, another example of eating apples in literature not ending well…

8. Assignment Name: After Apple-Picking
Created By:
Nicole Bixler
6th Grade
More Information:
This is a great assignment to use for your listening standards. Students listen to Robert Frost’s “After Apple-Picking” and answer questions about the meanings of words and the poem overall.

9. Assignment Name: Elements of Poetry
Created By:
Matt Lafferty
6th Grade
More Information:
This assignment has students explore two of Gary Soto’s poems: “Ode to Family Photographs” and “Oranges.” Students identify elements of poetry, explore the meanings of each poem, and finish with a comparative writing question.

10. Assignment Name: Enemy
Created By:
Julia Sweeney
8th Grade
More Information:
This assignment goes through the poem “Enemy” by Langston Hughes. Students are expected to draw larger meanings from this short poem. Great poem to accompany a social studies unit about the Harlem Renaissance or any unit about injustice.

Daisies are yellow,
And look nice with greens,
We hope these help make your students
Poetry fiends!

Getting Over the Tech Hump with your Students

Monthly Mondays with Meghan: Getting Over the Tech Hump with your Students

‘Twas the night before Edcite, when all through the house,
not a teacher was stirring, not even a mouse!  
The assignment was designed and created with care,
in hopes that the students would answer the questions there.  

When the next day began there arose such chatter,
I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.  
“How do I scroll?”
“Do I click on one word or the sentence as a whole?”  

I ran to my board, to my students gave a whistle,
and taught them the basics before the end-of-day dismissal.  
As I packed up my things, they heard me proclaim,
“Before rolling out Edcite, there are skills to explain!”

All this to say – the first time I used Edcite in my classroom, I excitedly told my students to open their chromebooks, login to Edcite, click on the assignment and eagerly exclaimed, “You may begin!”  Note to self: Make sure computers are on and functioning before doing anything, because within the first 5 minutes there were far more hands in the air and confused faces than I had bargained for!  They were loving the new experience and Edcite layout; however, they had a lot of questions regarding technology and computers in general.  After hearing a few of their questions, I paused the entire class, taught the lessons I am about to share with you and then had them continue on with the assignment.

One important detail to note:  Given the need for the following lessons – the first time you use Edcite in your classroom, plan for an additional 10-15 minutes to teach some of these essential skills!

Now, onto the 4 lessons I wish I had planned for–in hopes that your start with Edcite can be smooth sailing!

Lesson 1: Sending the assignment

Exemplar Assignments from 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we wanted to highlight the most outstanding and popular assignments from this past year. Please share these outstanding resources with your friends, your students, and your personal learning network (PLN)!

English Language Arts:

Grade Assignment Name Short URL
K Long Vowel or Short Vowel? edcite.com/1ddmyj
1 Penguin Babies edcite.com/1aj6af
2 Baby Bao Bao edcite.com/19b2x9
3 Grade 3 Fable: the Lion and the Mouse edcite.com/1obbao
4 Grade 4 Fable: The Story That Has No End edcite.com/1quqqq
5 The Black Pearl
6 Short Story Practice edcite.com/10ljly
7 Freedom Riders
8 Patrick Henry edcite.com/1gbwz7
9 9th Grade Writing Practice edcite.com/1lxbcq
10 Frederick Douglass
11 The Crucible
12 Nonfiction Reading Comprehension – John Wilkes Booth edcite.com/14jkhr



Assignment Name

Short URL

K Sorting and Counting — Kindergarten — Measurement and Data edcite.com/10zie2
1 Pre-assessment, all standards edcite.com/1sdxwy
2 Number Sentences edcite.com/1sp540
3 Rounding Numbers to 100s and 10s edcite.com/1vx7k9
4 Factoring and Multiples edcite.com/1k33sm
5 Rounding Decimals edcite.com/1odtz2
6 6.RP.A.3a Ratios and Proportions edcite.com/1eefu3
7 7th Grade Ratios Homework edcite.com/1lat57
8 Opportunity Gap Performance Task edcite.com/1jx4gr
Geometry Point, Line, Arc Definitions edcite.com/1q59v9
Algebra I Working With Slope edcite.com/1bys8i
Algebra II Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials
Statistics High School Data Modeling edcite.com/1hx3b5
Pre-Calculus Complex Numbers Review edcite.com/1uok1k
Gaeilge Math! Ag Sórtáil edcite.com/18ey9v



Assignment Name

Short URL

Middle School Woman’s Suffrage
High School Gains of the Great Depression edcite.com/1nrhb7
High School Dissecting a momentous speech in US History edcite.com/1xuc41



Assignment Name

Short URL

Middle School Biotic and Abiotic Factors edcite.com/1n5re4
Middle School The Coriolis Effect edcite.com/16jns6
Middle School Nutrition in Animals edcite.com/1lkkl1
Biology Mitosis Review
Chemistry Ionization Energy edcite.com/1l2d5v
Physics Electricity Review Assignment