Order List Question Type

Edcite features 60 interactive question types that allow students to show their understanding of standards and also practice with the type of technology-enhanced items that they will see on their end-of-year state test. This helps students show what they know rather than be stumped by how to use the technology to answer the questions. Most of our question types are also auto-graded, giving both teachers and students immediate feedback. 

One of Edcite’s most popular question types across subjects is the order list question type!

Drawing Answer Question Type

Edcite has a variety of technology-enhanced question types for all subjects and grade levels. Our question types have interactive elements such as drag and drop, selecting text, plotting graphs, and more. 

One of our newer question types that has become popular is our drawing question type

Crossword Puzzle Question Type

Edcite has technology-enhanced question types that align to state tests across the country. We also have game question types that make assessments engaging for students! Game questions can be added to the end of an assignment, given to students who finish early, or assigned to students to provide differentiation.

One of the most popular Edcite game questions is the crossword puzzle!

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