Perfecting your PARCC Practice

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PARCC Name: Technology-Enhanced Constructed Response
Acronym: TECR
My nickname: Dragging and highlighting

The TECR questions ask students to demonstrate a skill using a question type that paper and pencil tests have been unable to offer before. This question resembles what many ELA teachers would call a graphic organizer. It will have students use multiple skills not only to determine correct answers, but also answers placed correctly in relation to different pieces of information.

Below is a screen shot from Question 6 on the 6th Grade ELA Performance Based Assessment (PBA) released PARCC Practice Test with two notes for coaching tips. Click on the image to view it full size.

Annotated Dragging Q

Coaching Tips:

1. Switching between passages:
It is important for students to realize that seeing tabs above the passage area means that there are multiple passages/multimedia to look through. Research Tasks will have up to three tabs on one question, Literary Tasks up to two, and Narrative tasks will only have one.

2. Practice Dragging:
Depending on the experience your students have had with digital assessments, the dragging of answers may come more intuitively. It is still important to just double check and make sure all students recognize that’s what should be happening and how to effectively do it. They click on the item they wish to drag, keep the cursor pressed down as they guide the item into the appropriate box. Release the cursor to drop the answer into that box.

Try it out yourself on Edcite with this question:

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