Edcite Teacher of the Month: Graeme Higgins

Happy Halloween!

We don’t mean to scare you but, as of tomorrow, it’s already November! Time is flying by–and it’s that edciting time again–Edcite Teacher of the Month time!

Graeme and his class
Graeme Higgins and his class dressed up for Halloween!

This month we want to recognize Graeme Higgins, a primary school teacher from Gaelscoil Míde in Dublin, Ireland. Graeme has stood out amongst our growing number of Edcite users because of his commitment to tailoring resources to best fit his classroom context. Graeme teaches in a Gaelscoil, which means that his students are learning every subject, except English, through the language of Irish. He not only adapts resources he finds in the Edcite library by changing the instructions and questions to Irish, but he also creates his own content in Irish.

Here are a few maths assignments Graeme has used with his students:

Graeme's Class
Graeme’s Senior Infants (same age as Kindergarten in America) use the interactive white board to complete the “Cé Mhéad?” maths resource.

We love to see the number of resources growing on Edcite, especially when we see teachers providing content that is not easily found on other sites. Mr. Higgins looks forward to continuing his creation of content in the Irish language and hopes to see more “Muntirs” (teachers in Irish) joining in on the Irish uploads.

Go raibh maith agat, a Graeme, agus comhghairdeas! 🙂 (Thank you Graeme, and congratulations!)

Why did you become a teacher?

“I decided I wanted to become a teacher at an early age. When I was in school, I felt inspired by those teachers who displayed passion, enthusiasm and a love for education. This is essentially why I became a teacher; to inspire others. I want to inspire children and help them reach their full potential.”

What are some ways  you use Edcite in your classroom?

“I use the site in a variety of ways with my class:

1) I use it as a means of whole-class instruction to demonstrate an activity we will be doing.

2) I give children the opportunity to engage in individual activities in the computer room to reinforce concepts explored in the classroom.

3) I allow children who have finished their work early the opportunity to complete extended tasks I have made on Edcite on the interactive whiteboard.”

What makes you most “Edcited” about Edcite?

“Because I teach in a Gaelscoil (an all Irish school), the resources available on the web are limited. With Edcite, I can make suitable resources myself, and/or tailor resources that are already made to suit my class.”

What do you think of Edcite’s ability to support the Primary School Curriculum?

“I believe Edcite can be used to explore objectives across nearly all subjects in the Primary School Curriculum. Whether it’s English, Irish, Maths, SESE, SPHE or the Arts, teachers can make limitless resources to help support learning outcomes. Teachers have full control over their resources!”

Final words of wisdom from Mr. Higgins:

“One of the most valuable things about the site is that it can be used with all age groups and all levels of ability in any school. Whether teaching shapes to Naíonáin Bheaga in a Gaelscoil, or exploring World War II with Sixth Class, resources can be tailored to suit your class. Before making your own, I recommend you customise some resources that have already been made on the site.”

It’s amazing to hear how Graeme is using Edcite with his students in Ireland. Edcite was designed to be flexible and adaptable to different curricula and standards. Our vision is to encourage teachers, across the world, to share and collaborate with each other–we believe that this will provide a richer, more global, learning experience for students.


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